Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Olbermann Channels Murrow

Keith Olberman deconstructs Donald Rumsfeld's comments equating anti-war sentiment with appeasement, and turns the administration's new fascism meme against itself. Clearly inspired by Edward R. Murrow's commentary on Joseph McCarthy, Olberman directly quotes Murrow at the conclusion.

The man who sees absolutes, where all other men see nuances and shades of meaning, is either a prophet, or a quack.

Donald S. Rumsfeld is not a prophet.

Mr. Rumsfeld’s remarkable comments to the Veterans of Foreign Wars yesterday demand the deep analysis - and the sober contemplation - of every American.

For they do not merely serve to impugn the morality or intelligence - indeed, the loyalty — of the majority of Americans who oppose the transient occupants of the highest offices in the land;

Worse, still, they credit those same transient occupants - our employees — with a total omniscience; a total omniscience which neither common sense, nor this administration’s track record at home or abroad, suggests they deserve.

Dissent and disagreement with government is the life’s blood of human freedom; And not merely because it is the first roadblock against the kind of tyranny the men Mr. Rumsfeld likes to think of as "his" troops still fight, this very evening, in Iraq.

It is also essential. Because just every once in awhile… it is right — and the power to which it speaks, is wrong.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

The Constitution in Crisis

Even though the mainstream media has failed to report on it, the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff has released an exhaustive report on the crimes of the Bush Administration.
The Constitution in Crisis Cover

The full report is 350 pages. Download it in PDF format HERE

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Taking My Country Back

The Second BlueHorde CD mix, Country Style.

Taking My Country Back

These songs come from all over; peace sites, commercial download sites, and my own collections. I've posted listening or download links when available, in some cases videos, in other cases I'm just posting a link to a paysite like iTunes or Rhapsody - Please support our artists. I have not limited my choices to only those songs on a single site, so no iMix for easy purchase. Sorry.

If you are looking for great CD downloads of Country songs with conscience, I recommend the Music Row Democrats 20 Songs for 20 Bucks, and Homeless in America by the Nashville Session Players. Several of the songs in my mix are from these collections.

No Dixie Chicks or Willie Nelson - they were represented on the first mix, but there are some familiar names like Brooks, Kristofferson, and Haggard here. And some less familiar talents that deserve attention.

Listen and enjoy.

1] Honky Tonkers for Truth - I'm Takin My Country Back - play
2] Ronnie Kimball - US Steal - iTunes or play
3] Merle Haggard - America First - iTunes and video
4] Tom Chelston - Bushwhacked - mp3 download and video
5] U.S. Jones - Writing on the Wall - play
6] Kris Kristofferson - Don't Let the Bastards Get You Down - iTunes - 1 minute sample
7] John McCutcheon - Let's Pretend - play mp3 and video
8] Old No. 8 - Talkin' Blues - play
9] John McCutcheon - Duct Tape - video
10] Old No. 8 - Somewhere Down The Line - play
11] James McMurtry - We Can't Make it Here - iTunes and video
12] Kris Kristofferson - In The News - iTunes and video
13] The Mavericks - I Want To Know - iTunes or play
14] Darrell Scott - A-OK in the USA (Goodle USA) - iTunes or play
15] U.S. Jones - Muddy Channel Radio - play
16] Scott B. Bomar - Two Paper Town - iTunes or Listen on MRD Player
17] Sarah Crews - What You Preach - iTunes or play
18] Johnny Cash - The Man in Black - iTunes or play
19] Garth Brooks - We Shall Be Free - Rhapsody and video

This mix was created for personal use - all rights remain with the original artists.
Please support our artists.