Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Sundering of Democracy

It's an election year, but will YOU get to vote?

CNN's conservative pundit Jack Cafferty is showing alarming signs of joining the reality based community. Watch his Cafferty Files editorial on attempts to protect our rulers from elections. YouTube embedded link:

Over at Rolling Stone read Robert F. Kennedy Jr's article about how the 2004 election was stolen in Ohio.

Here's Rolling Stone's helpful bibliography for those of you who want to dig into the facts of how the world's greatest democracy was overthrown.

New! Follow up to Kennedy's Rolling Stone article:

Ohio 2004: The Jesse Jackson Interview

Ohio 2004: The Howard Dean Interview

Blackwell Amok: More Dirty Tricks in Ohio

The Voice of Voting Reform

Tom Noe: Bush “Friend” Admits Laundering Money to 2004 Campaign

Finally, Salon publishes an instant article debunking Bobby Kennedy's Rolling Stone piece, while Think Progress debunks the debunking.

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