Monday, July 31, 2006

How Ill is George W. Bush?

There is definitely something medically wrong with George Bush. His intellectual decline over the last decade is remarkable and obvious to anyone who knew him in Texas before he entered national politics, see this video:

Some are calling it pre-senile dementia - similar to what affected Ronald Reagan during his White House years, but was undisclosed to the public until after his death. Others speculate it is the result of years of cocaine and/or alcohol abuse - so called " Dry Drunk " syndrome or Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome.

Comedian and press commentator Harry Shearer has identified a new Bush tic, the chin swivel or "hula chin". Here's video compiled by Shearer. According to Randi Rhodes at Air America, people who work in drug addiction intervention identify this as a definitive sign of long term cocaine abuse.

Then there is the mystery bulge noticed on George Bush's back during the Kerry Debates.

Although most speculation was that it was a transmitter used to feed cues to Bush during the debate, his poor performance argues otherwise, as does the evidence that he wears the device, whatever it is, at other times, such as while vacationing on his ranch as in the photo above left.

Others suggest it is a medical device such as a LifeVest wearable defibrillator meant to counter atrial fibrillation - a possible culprit in the 2002 fainting spell that was blamed on a pretzel.

Given the president's history of being equilibrium challenged (3 bicycle accidents and falling off a Segway scooter - which is designed to be nearly spill proof), I'd suggest another possibility - the bulge is a personal gyroscope designed to keep the president walking upright.

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